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Main Genres: Techno, Acid Techno & House, House

Music Source [Currently]: Eurorack Modular, Model 1.4 or Xone 96, TB-03, Perkons Drum Machine

Set Duration [Live]: 1 - 1.5 Hrs.

BIO [Short]

Trovarsi is a LA based music composer/producer and live performance artist who brings a unique sound to the world of electronic music. With a hybrid blend of modular, analog synths, and drum machines, she builds a pulsing atmosphere to any set she plays.


WORK [6AM Group & Synthetik Minds Collaboration] | REFORM Festival | Incognito | SuperBooth Berlin | Fitzroy (Berlin) | Techno Taco Tuesday | Temple Tuesday | Blu Wav | Fallen Angel | Techno Yoga Club | PUSH | Rancho Techno | Patched Out | FIXVTIØN | Knobcon | SynthPlex | The Owl Room (Wash. DC)


The Globe Theatre | Bardot - Avalon Hollywood | Station 1640 | Los Globos | Tacos & Beer LV | | Gold Diggers Lounge | Black Box - Denver, CO | The Artisan Boutique Hotel LV | Pattern Bar | Union LA | The Grey Area - San Francisco, CA | EOS Lounge - SB | Couture | Seven Bar District 7 Bar DTLA | The Apartment | The Kava Lounge - SD | La Caja Fuerte - Tijuana Mexico | The Hi Hat | The Cracked Fox - STL



Colin Benders | Drumcell | Derrick Carter | John Tejada | Annika Wolfe | Paula Temple | 999999999 | Nørbak | ONYVAA | Seb Zito | Justin Jay | Noncompliant | LTJ Bukem |Dataline [Cenk] | Daniel Troberg | Kris Wadsworth | Tin Man |


Trovarsi - Ricochet EP [Delusional Records]

Trovarsi & Shaun Cruda  - Conflicted EP [Akela Recordings]

Trovarsi - Pump - [Anode Records]

Trovarsi - Terminal EP - [Anode Records]

Trovarsi - Reticent EP - [Vudeux Records]
Trovarsi - Stellar EP [SLC-6 Music]

Trovarsi & Shaun Cruda - Might EP [PoolHouse]
Trovarsi - Shake EP - [SLC-6 Music]

Trovarsi - Break It Down - [TrueLife Recordings]
Trovarsi - Determined - [TrueLife Recordings]

Trovarsi - Determined - [Heart & Lie]
Trovarsi - Sandman Rise - [TrueLife Recordings]




DubLab Radio

6AM Guest Mix

FNOOB Techno - UK
Bassinjection - Cuebase  UK
In A Dream with Mystic Pete on KXLU

DASH Radio - Los Angeles


The Power - Lady Maru (Trovarsi Remix) | Infinity - Hypnotised (Trovarsi Remix)

Commitment Issues - Annika Wolfe (Trovarsi Remix)
No Fear In Love - Primitive Heart (Trovarsi, Shaun Cruda Bang/Vocal Remixes) [Vudeux Records]
Billion Miles of Space - D.J. MacIntyre (Trovarsi Remix) [ SLC-6 Music]


BIO [Full]

Trovarsi is an LA-based music composer/producer, live electronic artist, educator, and streaming YouTube host. Over the past decade, Trovarsi has released her music on a wide variety of notable electronic music labels. Her work transcends genres, cultures, and boundaries, yet also authentically and reverentially embraces many creative traditions. With a hybrid blend of modular and analog synthesizers, drum machines, and Ableton, Trovarsi embraces Afrofuturistic electronic expression while remaining firmly planted by her musical roots. 


Trovarsi is the curator and host of Transduction Signal on DubLab Radio, a monthly interview/performance show highlighting unique live performance artists, composers, and producers in electronic music.


She is also co-founder of the Southern California Synth Society, whose purpose is to educate and facilitate interest in electronic music through synthesizers, modular DIY builds, and community events. She also founded the international streaming festival Frequency Shift, featuring female and gender-expansive electronic artists. 


Whether performing in the LA underground or on global streaming platforms, Trovarsi continues to push the boundaries of electronic music.

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